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Health Choice Network is dedicated to providing the finest in services to its member centers so they can improve the quality and accessibility of medical, dental and mental health care they provide to their patients.
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In   1994,   a   group   of   community   health   centers   discovered   that   by   linking together   and   creating   a   network   they   could   receive   the   advantages   and expertise   of   a   large   health   system   while   remaining   independent.   This unique   and   powerful   alliance,   now   held   up   as   a   national   model   for others to follow, is called Health Choice Network. The   founding   members   of   the   Network   recognized   the   common   bonds   all community    health    centers    share.    They    invested    in    each    other    and learned   from   each   other.   And   by   unifying   certain   aspects   of   community health   centers   -   such   as   information   technology   and   financial   services   - each   Network   member   receives   the   highest   level   of   professionalism   and expertise   while   remaining   an   independently   operated   and   controlled community   health   center.      Betsey   K.   Cooke,   formerly   the   director   of   the Primary Health Care Consortium, was named the Network’s CEO. The   founding   centers   from   Miami-Dade   County   –   Economic   Opportunity Family    Health    Center,    Community    Health    of    South    Dade,    Helen    B. Bentley   Family   Health   Center   and   Camillus   Health   Center   –   were   soon joined   by   Ft.   Myers-based   Family   Health   Centers   of   Southwest   Florida. The    new    member    from    across    the    Everglades    contributed    their automated business systems as well as their technology talents. The   area   of   managed   care   remained   a   focus   for   all   Network   members. Although    the    Network    was    not    yet    large    enough    to    become    a    full- fledged   HMO,   a   management   services   organization   called   Atlantic   Care was    formed    in    1997    to    allow    the    Network    to    take    risks    and    share rewards. Taking      advantage      of      members’      partnerships      with      faith-based institutions,   the   Network   created   Healthy   Body,   Healthy   Soul   in   1998   to further    develop    community    outreach,    health    education    and    disease prevention   programs.   In   1999,   one   of   the   Network’s   founding   leaders, Jessie   Trice,   was   diagnosed   with   terminal   cancer.   Before   her   death,   she enlisted the help of U.S. Congress   woman   Carrie   Meek   and   U.S.   Senator   Connie   Mack   to   help establish   a   program   that   would   go   beyond   primary   and   secondary   care into    clinical    trials,    screening    and    research.   The    Jessie   Trice    Health Promotion Program was born. By   the   dawn   of   the   new   century,   Health   Choice   Network   was   receiving national    recognition    for    its    innovations    and    successes.    Across    the country   in   New   Mexico,   a   group   of   community   health   centers   wanted   to take    advantage    of    HCN’s    expertise.    Closer    to    home,    the    Broward Community   and   Family   Health   Center   joined   the   Network.   By   2002,   the Network   welcomed   Citrus   Health   Network,   a   Miami-Dade   mental   health network,   as   well   as,   Miami   Beach   Community   Health   Center.   Following the   model   of   New   Mexico,   a   group   of   centers   from   Utah   also   joined HCN.
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During   these   years,   Health   Choice   Network   was   also   gaining   corporate partners   and   winning   major   grants.   A   new   patron   category   of   membership was   created   and   it   included   hospitals,   research   centers,   managed   care companies   and   health   care   companies.   In   2003,   HCN   received   a   $4   million federal   grant   to   implement   electronic   health   records   in   all   its   Florida centers.  Throughout    its    first    decade    of    growth    and    success,    the    Network    has remained   bound   to   its   goals   of   improving   access   to   quality   health   care   for all   and   reducing   disparities   in   minority   and   underserved   communities.   The reach   of   Health   Choice   Network   has   spanned   languages,   cultures,   races   and geography    to    link    a    vast    array    of    health    care    communities    into    one powerful force.   
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